He told me they didn't bother him

Now there is something to look forward to.As evidenced by his scabbed over arm full of bites and "Calamine lotioned" skin color.I have also checked in with my good friend Tom, who if you remember, floated the Kisaralik River last month.They also went Halibut fishing and caught some 20 pounders, certainly not big by Alaskan standards."Perhaps a few to many bites from his last trip?Well, that is about it from the front. He also can be found selling "I told her I'd try it but I would need her cell number so I could be sure to call her at midnight if her"natural" spray was ineffective.

Hmmmm now that sounds fishy to me.I also received a call from another buddy who wanted to go fishing on the Klamath River, in California, the week after I get back. Besides, the difference between Diamond Lake mosquitoes and the Kenai Peninsula mosquitoes is probably like the difference between Peoria and Yankee Stadium. well. They weren't bragging about size so they were either really big or really small. I of course said the fish was nice-- but I was more concerned with the mosquitoes.Of course I am a little concerned that right there in the tiny town of Shady Cove, Oregon--there were four people who have recently been to Alaska right there at that given moment in that fishing tackle/outfitter/sandwich shop! If you take the ratio of those four people at that given time and the odds that they had been to Alaska and multply that out over the entire nation. If not.One gal produced a bottle of some " natural" deet free repellant, and offered up a very weak, "our friends used this up at Diamond Lake last week and said this stuff is 'the bomb'.

He told me they didn't bother him. you can always look for my swollen festering mosquito welts.Stopped intoThe Fishin' Hole the other day, which happens to be one of my favorite fishing tackle/outfitter/sandwich shops.. you come up with a pretty dang high number!And to think I was worried about the mosquitoes.Not sure.Another person reported that the Kenai--the LOWLY Kenai--- fished well and they caught some really nice King Salmon.

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